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Lot No. Photo Description Asking
Lot 1491
   U.S. Cover Collections, Three 4th Bureau Clippers, first 1938 with 15c, 20c, $1 plus 16c CE2 to N.S.W., second 1937 with 10¢ (3), 20¢ (4), 30¢ (3), 50¢ (2) via Hawaiian Clipper to Manila Philippines, last 1941 registered with 30¢ (2) and $1 Prexies on 3¢ entire to N.S.W., scarce group of frankings, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $250-300.
Asking Price
Lot 1507
     U.S. Cover Collections, Used 1920's Stationery Correspondences, Type #U93, hundreds in 2 full banker boxes, all to Kansas Refinery companies using 2¢ Washington Dies, few window and #10's.
Estimate $100-200.
Asking Price
Lot 1665
   Pitcairn Islands, Cover and Stamp Exhibit, intact on homemade pages, etc., incl. adhesives to 1957 issue complete, about 78 covers both commercial and FD's (incl. First issue), usages to Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, printed paper rate, surface registered, etc., Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $750-1,000.
Asking Price
Lot 1887
  /   Iceland, Early Duplicated Mint Postal Reply Cards, about 864 all identified by H&G, Michel, and Facit numbers, representing a few numbers (ex. Facit #3-144 copies), 13 Type II (85 copies), 41 (142), etc., very clean, old H&G(?) cat. $9400+. Ex Friedman "Cover Corner" Stock.
Estimate $600-800.
Asking Price
Lot 1893
     Italy, Colonies Aegeans to Trieste Collection, mostly mint collection in mounts in Scott album, all countries well represented with many complete sets, few on non-Scott pages, also incl. back-of-book, etc., Fine to Very Fine overall.
Scott $16,834.
Estimate $5,000-6,000.
Asking Price
Lot 1967
  /   Nepal, Mint Aerogrammes Stock, hundreds mostly Aerogrammes heavily dupl. and sorted representing around 15 diff. designs, mostly 1950's to 1960's period, some dupl. with cto cancels, also incl. 3 packs of 100 each of Postal Card 20p value, clean group, inspect. Ex Friedman "Cover Corner" Stock.
Estimate $150-200.
Asking Price
Lot 2139
  Withdrawn, Fine overall. Asking Price
Lot 2233
     Worldwide Covers, Estate Accumulation, Many hundreds incl. Antarctic area FDC's and events, some mint stationery and misc. U.S., Fine.
Estimate $150-200.
Asking Price

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