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Lot 346


Worldwide, The World According to Scott's, One man's attempt to collect the world in Scott specialty albums, thousands of mint and used, this lot contains 180+ albums with pages to late 1990's, several countries with pages to 2004, housed in 3 ring binders, a few are in Scott binders with Palo pages (Eastern Europe), no U.S., he never really tackled the early issues, but did spend a lot on new issues, most albums sparse to partially filled, some with a reasonable showing of country, strength in British Commonwealth mint incl. large amount of new issues to 2003-2004 from Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and Canada, better countries with earlier mint include Samoa, Antigua, Bahamas, Leeward Islands, Solomon Islands, Trieste Zone A, occasional $100+ catalog items incl. Cocos #O1, Great Britain #1 used, Canada $1 values, New Zealand #B3-B4 mint, Cape of Good Hope triangles used and Mafeking siege issues, nice Latin America in particular Argentina and Brazil, also interesting Korea from the 1940's and 1950's, like new pages and binders, the owner must have paid our "starting bid" on the albums alone, some minor faults on classics, but value in 20th Century mint, overall fine to very fine, allow yourself plenty of time to view this lot.
Estimate $30,000-35,000.

Realized $36,800

Lot 1


United States, Extensive Collection to 1978, mint and used in Scott National album, begins with used #9X1, unused 10X1, classics used incl. #1-2, 1851's to 12¢, 1857's to 90¢, 1861 to 90¢, Grills to 90¢, 1869's complete to 30¢, extensive large Banknotes to 90¢, Columbians complete mostly used, 1894-98 issues complete used, Trans-Mississippi complete used, Louisiana Purchase and Jamestown sets mint, extensive Washington-Franklins to $5 mostly used, 1920's on mostly complete mint incl. White Plains sheet (few perf. separations), Kansas-Nebraska sets, Prexies and 1053, Airs complete (C13-C15 unused, small thins), C18 n.h., some Back of the Book, very high catalog, mixed condition on 19th and early 20th Century, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $15,000-18,000.

Realized $14,375

Lot 347


Worldwide, One Man's Collection, intact, as received, tens of thousands of mint and used in 90+ albums and binders of various make in 15 banker boxes, better countries include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France & Colonies, Germany, Great Britain (incl. #1 used (2)), Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Yugoslavia (no U.S.), many better sets and singles throughout, much modern n.h., a true collector collection with very high catalog, 19th Century mixed condition, 20th Century generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $15,000-20,000.

Realized $14,950

Lot 2


United States, Extensive Collection to 2005, several thousand mint and used in 6 Scott hingeless albums, classics mostly used incl. #1, 1851's to 12¢, 1857's to 30¢ incl. 29 (cert.), 62B, 1861-66's complete to 90¢ incl. 64 (cert.), E and F Grills to 30¢ incl. 86 (cert.), 88 o.g. (cert.), 1869's complete to 30¢, extensive large Banknotes incl. grills to 90¢, Columbians complete mint to 8¢, plus $3 used, 1894-98 issues used to $5, Trans-Mississippi to 10¢ mint, Pan-American, Louisiana Purchase and Jamestown sets mint, 369 o.g. (cert.), extensive mostly mint Washington-Franklins to $5 values, 397-400A mint, plus coils incl. several with certs., 459 o.g. (cert.), 478 n.h. (cert., "moisture spot"), 505 dist. o.g., 1922 onwards mint and virtually complete, incl. 551-573, 599A l.h. single and n.h. pair, Kansas-Nebraska sets, Farley issues, Prexies, 1053 n.h., loads of modern postage, Airs complete mint except C13-C15, Special Delivery complete mint except E4, selection of Dues, Offices in China, Officials, Newspapers incl. PR1-PR6, Parcel Post to 75¢, virtually all mint, few minor faults on classics, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $10,000-12,000.

Realized $14,950

Lot 348


Worldwide, 25 Volume Scott Internationals, thousands of mint and used on pages to 1987 (no U.S.), most European countries well represented, also Latin America, some areas sparse, others well filled, noted France #21 used (crease, small facial scrape, 4 margins), stamps with Scott numbers noted underneath, Eastern European cto'd not counted, scattered n.h. modern sets, few faults on classics, otherwise clean, Fine to Very Fine.
2005 Scott $60,000 (Owner's).
Estimate $7,500-1,000.

Realized $6,613

Lot 120


Great Britain, Extensive Collection, several thousand mint and used in Scott specialty album to 1991, duplication, classics mostly used incl. #1 (5), 2, 5 (2), 7 (2), extensive Penny plates incl. #225, other QV with plate numbers, high values to 10/-, Edward issues to 10/-, Seahorses to 10/-, modern mint incl. blocks of 4, Dues, better Officials, Offices Abroad incl. China, usual mixed condition on 19th Century, very high catalog, otherwise Fine.
Estimate $6,000-7,000.

Realized $4,600

Lot 172


British Commonwealth, Collection in 2 New Imperials, lovely group of a few thousand mint and used on fresh pages to 1930's, extensive Great Britain incl. used #1 (2), 2 (2), various platings of line engraved issues, QV and Edward green £1's used, Canada incl. used 4, Jubilees mint or used to $1, nice early mint Ireland, better British Africa, lovely collection to expand, few minor faults, but condition and colors better than usually seen, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $4,000-4,500.

Realized $6,900

Lot 244


Germany, Extensive Collection, few thousand mint and used organized on stockpages in 2 binders, good showing of issues, Imperial used and mint, Third Reich onwards mostly mint, with modern n.h. to 1995, Semi-postals, some Airs, Back of the Book, Occupations, better Berlin incl. black overprint set mint, red overprint set used, early DDR mint or used, later mostly mint to end of country, some States, nice Offices and Colonies, related areas incl. Memel and Saar, few minor problems on classics, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $3,000-3,500.

Realized $2,530

Lot 121


Great Britain, High Catalog Accumulation, few thousand mostly used in stockbook, on pages, loose and in glassines, noted #2 used, many line engraved, QV values to 5/-, Edward to 5/-, Seahorses to 10/-, modern mint, Officials, Dues, Offices Abroad, few Booklets, collection in Scott album, much duplication, especially in Seahorses used (owners cat. $23,000+), mixed condition, inspection a must.
Estimate $2,500-3,000.


Lot 141


Canada, Eclectic Collection, hundreds of mostly used on Minkus pages to 1950's, mounted with duplicates and some "photos" of classic stamps the collector could not afford, noted #4, 14-20 (no 16), lots of large and small Queens, Jubilees mint or used to 50¢, 84, 95, Quebec set, Admirals used or mint, Airs incl. a few Semi-officials mint, Dues, F3 mint, Officials, this is the good, the bad and the ugly, high catalog.
Estimate $2,000-2,200.

Realized $2,013

Penny Black

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