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Sale 111

Lot 459


French Polynesia, Advanced Collection.
2 volumes of stamps, sheets, imperforate miniature sheets, proofs, cinderellas, and covers from 1940 to 1980s, several signed die proofs, all mounted on Vario pages or hingeless album pages, well worth an inspection, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $900.

Realized $863

Lot 480


Iceland, Extensive Used Collection.
1873 thru 2001 in Lighthouse hingeless albums, no faults or revenue cancels noted, better items incl. #7, 33 (cert), 71-85, 140 (cert), 141 (cert), 232-235, C4-C8, C9-C11 (cert), O53-67, Fine to Very Fine.
2014 Scott $18,985 (Owner's).
Estimate $2,000.

Realized $2,185

Lot 440


North Borneo, Excellent Collection.
Hundreds in mounts on specialty pages from 1883 to 1950, mostly o.g., numerous imperf singles and blocks of 4, high value overprints, specimens, also many covers both commercial and FDC, an extra couple of hundred used dupl. in glassines, very high catalog value, well worth a close look, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,500.

Realized $3,335

Lot 294


U.S. Collections, High End Mostly 20th Century Mint.
Retail $5 to $300 (most in $20 to $100 range), each on individual stockcards, identified and priced, incl. few used classics (mostly #11, 11A copies), #116 unused, 121 used, from Pan-Americans on mostly n.h. to o.g. with few scattered used, few freaks, most picked for excellent quality, few Airs, etc. incl. mint #C1-3, mint Dues, Revenues incl. ducks, retail total $15,000+, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $2,000.


Lot 391

U.S. Cachet and F.D. Collections, Massive 1st Flight Accumulation.
Over 10,000; 1920 to modern in 9 banker boxes, several better noted, great material for dollar booth or ebay seller, worth a close look, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,500.

Realized $2,070

Lot 374

U.S. Postal History Groupings, Washington State Cancels Accumulation.
Several thousand organized by counties and alphabetical within each county, lots of DPO, rural stations, etc., scarcity indices typically stop at 3 but a few 4 and 5s are incl., nice show stock, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000.

Realized $719

Lot 443


British Commonwealth, St. Helena and Tristan Da Cunha Collections.
Hundreds in mounts on specialty pages from 1856 to 1967 incl. several covers, basically 4 collections in Scott album, 1 each mint and 1 each used, some earlies without gum, latter issues n.h., some dupl., worth a close look, Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $1,000.


Lot 227

U.S.; Airmail, 1930, Graf Zeppelin Complete, #C13-C15.
Slightly dist o.g. (65¢ very dist.), gum wrinkles, Fine to Very Fine.
Scott $1,155.
Estimate $650.

Realized $719

Lot 225

U.S.; Airmail, 1918, 6¢ Orange, #C1.
Block of 36, incl. left arrow block of 4, Fine., n.h.
Scott $4,320+.
Estimate $600.


Lot 224

United States, 1996, 32¢ Love, Red Missing Se-Tenant With Stamp With Red (Misregistered), pane of 20, #3030d.
"top 3 stamps red (engrav. "Love") missing, the remaining with red shifted 18mm down", n.h., PSE (2016) cert. Very rare if not unique .
Estimate $600.

Realized $604

Penny Black

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