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Sale 90

APS StampShow Auction

August 11-13, 2011


Columbus Convention Centerl
400 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Hall E-F
Cell Phone: (415) 827-1924 (During Preview Hours)

Preview - Columbus Convention Center
Wednesday, August 10 - 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (show dealers only)
Thursday, August 11 - 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday, August 12 - 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 13 - 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., Thursday - Saturday (show dealers only)

The auction of 3364 lots will include the Seymour Gibrick cover collection from Los Angeles; portion of a U.S. and Worldwide collection from an Eastern institution; the stock of "Encino Philatelic Services"; an extensive Helicopter collection, and the Arthur Clime / Alexander Graham Bell correspondence.

The Worldwide auction will be held in 3 sessions.

The 1st session on Thursday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. will contain 1023 single lots of Autographs, Aerospace, Foreign and British Commonwealth. Highlights of autographs will be correspondence of Alexander Graham Bell; Aerospace with rocket flights; Foreign highlighted by Bulgaria; China with P.R.C.; Eastern Rumelia; France with excellent classics; Germany; and Mexico with airmails. Commonwealth includes classic Great Britain with excellent singles and studies of the line-engraved issues Australia & States; Canada & Provinces with modern varieties and Revenues; Cayman Islands; Indian States; and Rhodesia with "Double Heads" including a newly discovered mint copy of SG#143a and Admirals; and South West Africa.

The 2nd session on Friday at 5:00 p.m. will consist of U.S. singles, one of the largest sections we have had in some time. The 1200 lots will be highlighted by rare positional pieces of the 1851-57 Imperforate 1¢ (ex. Scott #5A mint pos. 6R1E, 1¢ Black Trial Color Large Die #5TC1), selective group of the 3¢ Type I and II (ex Hubert Skinner), Scott #19 used pair, Scott #499f AEF 2¢ booklet pane, and extensive "Back-of-the Book" with mint Official blocks, Newspapers, Vending (all certified), "cut squares", Revenues, Telegraphs. Following will be a Confederate section with postal history, and Possessions.

The 3rd session on Saturday at 5.00 p.m. will consist of over 1100+ U.S. and Worldwide Collections. The U.S. "Collections & Various" of 340+ lots features a large groupings of "Back-of-the-Book" with a separate Revenue section, "Possessions", "Postal History" with Civil War, "Postcards", and "Ephemera" sections. The auction will continue with 200+ Commonwealth Country and general collections with Great Britain; Canada & Provinces, and Rhodesia. The Foreign Country collections (350+ lots) are highlighted by Austria; China; France & Colonies; Germany with postal history; Italy & Colonies; Japan; Mexico; Russia; Spain; and Switzerland. This is followed by Foreign general collections. As always, the sale continues with Worldwide collections, a Postal History section, and finishing with topical collections.

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Go to our web site at www.harmerschau.com and fill out the registration form under "Client Services". You may also email us at info@harmerschau.com if you would like to receive the Worldwide auction catalog, or have any questions about the auction. Postal Viewing is available.

Chris Harmer & Kurt Schau
Harmer-Schau Auctions

    Session 1: Autographs, Aerospace, Foreign & British Singles
    Thursday, August 11, 2011, 5 p.m., Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH, Hall E-F
Lots 1-22   Autographs
Lots 23-42   Aerospace - Rocket Flights and Space Flights
Lots 43-76   Foreign Individual Lots - Albania to Cameroun
Lots 77-99   Foreign Individual Lots - China and Taiwan
Lots 100-150   Foreign Individual Lots - People's Republic of China
Lots 151-180   Foreign Individual Lots - Cilicia to Faroe Islands
Lots 181-252   Foreign Individual Lots - France to Georgia
Lots 253-280   Foreign Individual Lots - Germany
Lots 281-340   Foreign Individual Lots - Greece to Madagascar
Lots 341-386   Foreign Individual Lots - Mexico
Lots 387-416   Foreign Individual Lots - Mozambique to Russia
Lots 417-444   Foreign Individual Lots - San Marino to Wallis & Futuna
Lots 445-485   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Great Britain; 1840 Mulready and Line Engraved
Lots 486-536   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Great Britain; 1841 Line Engraved to Revenue
Lots 537-548   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Aden to Ascension
Lots 549-578   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Australia, States and Territories
Lots 579-614   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Bahamas to Cameroons
Lots 615-664   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Canada & Provinces
Lots 665-694   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Canadian Revenues
Lots 695-729   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Cayman Islands to Dominica
Lots 730-775   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Falkland Islands to Hong Kong
Lots 776-799   Commonwealth Individual Lots - India & States
Lots 800-830   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Ionian Islands to Madagascar
Lots 831-853   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Malaysia
Lots 854-890   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Maldive Islands to Pitcairn Islands
Lots 891-948   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Rhodesia
Lots 949-981   Commonwealth Individual Lots - St. Helena to South Africa & States
Lots 982-1004   Commonwealth Individual Lots - South West Africa
Lots 1005-1023   Commonwealth Individual Lots - Southern Rhodesia to Zanzibar
    Session 2: U.S. Singles
    Friday, August 12, 2011, 5 p.m., Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH, Hall E-F
Lots 1024-1055   U.S. Singles - Stampless, Express, Provisionals and 1847 Issue
Lots 1056-1124   U.S. Singles - 1851-57 Imperforate Issue
Lots 1125-1166   U.S. Singles - 1857-61 Perforate 15½ and 1875 Reprint Issues
Lots 1167-1199   U.S. Singles - 1861-62 National Bank Note Issue
Lots 1200-1218   U.S. Singles - 1861-66 National Bank Note Issue
Lots 1219-1265   U.S. Singles - 1867 Grills to 1875 Re-Issues of 1861-66 Issue
Lots 1266-1300   U.S. Singles - 1869 Pictorial and 1875 Re-Issues
Lots 1301-1345   U.S. Singles - 1870-71 National Bank Note Grills to 1890-93 Issue
Lots 1346-1392   U.S. Singles - 1893 Columbian Issue
Lots 1393-1439   U.S. Singles - 1894 Bureau Issue to 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Lots 1440-1487   U.S. Singles - 1901 Pan-American Issue to 1909 Perforate 12 Coil
Lots 1488-1540   U.S. Singles - 1909 Bluish Paper Issue to 1917 $2
Lots 1541-1581   U.S. Singles - 1916 Perforate 10 Coil to 1921 Rotary Coil Waste
Lots 1582-1626   U.S. Singles - 1922-25 Bureau Issue to 2009 44¢ Holiday Knits
Lots 1627-1661   U.S. Singles - Airpost; Pioneer Flights to 1939 Transatlantic Issue
Lots 1662-1693   U.S. Singles - Special Delivery, Postage Due, Offices in China
Lots 1694-1769   U.S. Singles - Officials
Lots 1770-1850   U.S. Singles - Newspapers
Lots 1851-1856   U.S. Singles - Parcel Post and Parcel Post Postage Due
Lots 1857-1913   U.S. Singles - Private Vending Coils
Lots 1914-1930   U.S. Singles - Carriers and Locals
Lots 1931-1975   U.S. Singles - Postal Stationery; 1854 Issue to Postal Cards
Lots 1976-2036   U.S. Singles - Revenues; 1862-71 First Issue to Marihuana Tax
Lots 2037-2073   U.S. Singles - Federal Hunting Permit
Lots 2074-2101   U.S. Singles - Savings, Telegraphs to Postage Currency
Lots 2102-2172   U.S. Singles - Confederacy
Lots 2173-2227   U.S. Possessions Singles and United Nations
    Session 3: U.S. and Worldwide Collections
    Saturday, August 13, 2011, 5 p.m., Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH, Hall E-F
Lots 2228-2361   U.S. Collections
Lots 2362-2368   U.S. Collections - Postage & Modern Collections
Lots 2369-2417   U.S. Collections - Back-of-the-Book Collections
Lots 2418-2444   U.S. Collections - Revenue Collections
Lots 2445-2484   U.S. Collections - Possessions and U.N. Collections
Lots 2485-2492   U.S. Collections - Civil War Postal History
Lots 2493-2535   U.S. Collections - Cover Groupings
Lots 2536-2541   U.S. Collections - First Day and Cachet Makers
Lots 2542-2556   U.S. and Foreign Postcards
Lots 2557-2565   U.S. Ephemera
Lots 2566-2599   Commonwealth Country Collections - Great Britain
Lots 2600-2608   Commonwealth Country Collections - Australia to Batum
Lots 2609-2642   Commonwealth Country Collections - Canada & Provinces
Lots 2643-2695   Commonwealth Country Collections - Cape of Good Hope to Virgin Islands
Lots 2696-2778   Commonwealth General Collections
Lots 2779-2819   Foreign Country Collections - Alexandretta to Chile
Lots 2820-2846   Foreign Country Collections - China and People's Republic of China
Lots 2847-2876   Foreign Country Collections - Colombia to Fiume
Lots 2877-2917   Foreign Country Collections - France & Colonies and Georgia
Lots 2918-2959   Foreign Country Collections - Germany & Colonies
Lots 2960-3016   Foreign Country Collections - Greece to Korea
Lots 3017-3069   Foreign Country Collections - Liberia to Poland
Lots 3070-3122   Foreign Country Collections - Portugal to Surinam
Lots 3123-3160   Foreign Country Collections - Sweden to Yugoslavia
Lots 3161-3204   Foreign General Collections
Lots 3205-3297   Worldwide Collections
Lots 3298-3352   Worldwide Covers
Lots 3353-3364   Worldwide Topical Collections

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