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Sale 120

APS Summer Show Omaha, Nebraska

August 1-4, 2019


CHI Health Center Omaha 455 N 10th St. Omaha, Nebraska 68102

The APS show is scheduled for August 1-4 at the APS Auction at the CHI Health Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. The auction will be held in 4 sessions consisting of 1707 lots.

The 1st session on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. will contain 351 lots which will begin with a small Coin and Currency section. It will continue with 340+ Foreign and British Commonwealth singles featuring China, Germany with Offices & Colonies; Italy; Mexico with Airmails, and Great Britain.

The 2nd session on Friday at 6:00 p.m. will contain over 640 U.S. single lots. It will begin with the James Buchanan "The Gentleman from Pennsylvania" Exhibit formed by Bill Dipaolo. It will feature a strong representation of 19th Century Free Franks of prominent political figures including seven Presidents and Queen Victoria; historic letters with covers dealing with the political climate of the period and much more 19th Century postal history. The highlights will include 1861 Pony Express cover; Abraham Lincoln 1862 Free Frank; and the only know cover from the Second Walker Invasion. The U.S. singles will be highlighted by "Essays and Proofs", and will feature the largest known multiple of the 1869 1¢, mint block of 48, Scott #112, along with Confederate States, and Possessions with Hawaii including Numerals.

The 3rd session of 365 lots on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. will begin with Autographs including a section of Astronaut signatures on covers, It will continue with a U.S. "Collections & Various" section of 250 lots with "Postage and Modern Collections", grouping of "Back-of-the-Book", with a separate Revenue section highlighted by Match & Medicine collections; "U.S. Possessions" featuring Hawaii; 50 "Postal History" lots; "First Day and Cachet Maker" group including a separate selection of "Space Related Cachets & Autographs"; "Postcards" featuring U.S., and "Ephemera".

The 4th session will be on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and consist of 440 Worldwide collections. This will begin with Commonwealth country and general collections. The country lots will be highlighted by Great Britain, and Canada. This will be followed by Commonwealth general collections, 200+ Foreign country collections highlighted by China, Germany, Italy with extensive Offices & Colonies, and Mexico. The Foreign general collections will be highlighted by a high-end stock, and intact collection; first estimated at $18,000-$20,000, and the second at $15,000-$18,000. The auction will end with 80+ Worldwide collections including a Topical section, and a Postal History highlighted by Zeppelin collections.

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    PDFs of the entire sale are available

    Session 1 31 pages 1.8 megabytes
    Session 2 54 pages 2.9 megabytes
    Session 3 14 pages 0.266 megabytes
    Session 4 24 pages 0.336 megabytes

        Session 1: Coins, Foreign & British Singles
        Thursday, August 1, 2019, 6:30 p.m. CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska
        Coins and Currency
    Lots 1-5   U.S. and Worldwide Collections
        Foreign Individual Lots
    Lots 6-19   Angola through Burundi
    Lots 20-41   China
    Lots 42-51   Colombia through France
    Lots 52-138   Germany, Offices & Colonies
    Lots 139-149   Greece through Israel
    Lots 150-196   Italian Somaliland and Italy
    Lots 197-208   Japan through Macao
    Lots 209-241   Mexico
    Lots 242-247   Montenegro through Peru
    Lots 248-256   Russia
    Lots 257-274   St. Pierre & Miquelon through Yugoslavia
        Commonwealth Individual Lots
    Lots 275-296   Great Britain
    Lots 297-311   Australia through Barbados
    Lots 312-321   Canada
    Lots 322-335   Gambia through Kuwait
    Lots 336-347   New Zealand
    Lots 348-351   St. Helena through Tanganyika
        Session 2: U.S. Buchanan "The Gentleman From Pennslyvania" Exhibit, and U.S. Singles
        Friday, August 2, 2019, 6:00 p.m. CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska
        James Buchanan Related Postal History
    Lots 352-352   Express Covers
    Lots 353-374   Historical Letters
    Lots 375-409   Free Franks
    Lots 410-420   Campaign Covers
    Lots 421-425   College Covers/Advertising
    Lots 426-444   Confederate/Independent State/Civil War
    Lots 445-454   Foreign Usages
        United States Covers
    Lots 455-458   Stampless Covers by Date
    Lots 459-468   State Postal History
        General Issues
    Lots 469-476   Postmasters' Provisionals
    Lots 477-493   1847 Issue to 1875 Reproduction of the 1847 Issue
    Lots 494-506   1851-57 Imperforate Issue
    Lots 507-530   1857-61 Perforate 15½ Issue
    Lots 531-572   1875 Reprints of 1857-1860 Issue to 1875 Re-Issue
    Lots 573-597   1869 Pictorial Issue
    Lots 598-621   1875 Re-Issue of 1869 Issue to 1873 Continental Bank Note Issue
    Lots 622-640   1879 American Bank Note Issue to 1890-93 Small Bank Note Issue
    Lots 641-670   1893 Columbian Issue
    Lots 671-695   1894 1st Bureau Issue to 1897-1903 2nd Bank Note Issue
    Lots 696-735   1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue to 1909 Perforate 12 Vertical
    Lots 736-769   1909 Bluish Paper to 1915, 2¢, S.L. Watermark, Perf 11
    Lots 770-811   1916-17 Perforate 10 Issue to 2016 Love Die Cutting Omitted
    Lots 812-838   Airpost and Pioneer Air Mail Flights
    Lots 839-846   Special Delivery and Registry
    Lots 847-867   Postage Dues and Offices in China
    Lots 868-884   Locals, Officials, and Vending
    Lots 885-895   Newspapers to Parcel Post Postage Dues
    Lots 896-914   Postal Stationery and Postal Cards
    Lots 915-938   Revenues
    Lots 939-952   Revenues - Hunting Permit to Post Office Seals
    Lots 953-959   Confederacy
        U.S. Possessions
    Lots 960-964   Canal Zone, Danish West Indies, Guam
    Lots 965-998   Hawaii
        Session 3: Autographs, and U.S. Collections
        Saturday, August 3, 2019, 6:30 p.m. CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska
        Space and Historical Autographs
    Lots 999-1008   Space Signatures on Cover
    Lots 1009-1015   Historical and Other Autographs
        U.S. Collections and Various
    Lots 1016-1092   General Collections
    Lots 1093-1103   Postage and Modern Collections
    Lots 1104-1125   Back-of-the-Book Collections
    Lots 1126-1148   Revenue Collections
    Lots 1149-1160   Possessions and U.N. Collections
        U.S. Postal History Collections
    Lots 1161-1209   Postal History Collections
    Lots 1210-1227   First Day and Cachet Makers
    Lots 1228-1238   Space Related with Autographs
    Lots 1239-1251   Foreign and U.S. Postcards
    Lots 1252-1265   United States and Worldwide Ephemera
        Session 4: Worldwide Collections
        Sunday, August 4, 2019, 10:00 a.m. CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska
        British Commonwealth Country Collections
    Lots 1266-1281   Great Britain
    Lots 1282-1296   Australia Through Burma
    Lots 1297-1323   Canada & Provinces
    Lots 1324-1345   Falkland Islands Through New Zealand
    Lots 1346-1356   Papua through Zanzibar
        Commonwealth General Collections
    Lots 1357-1386   Commonwealth General Collections
        Foreign Country Collections
    Lots 1387-1396   Austria through Bulgaria
    Lots 1397-1421   China
    Lots 1422-1441   Cuba through French Southern Antarctic Territory
    Lots 1442-1473   Germany and Offices & Colonies
    Lots 1474-1489   Greece to Israel
    Lots 1490-1511   Italy and Offices & Colonies
    Lots 1512-1531   Japan to Macao
    Lots 1532-1547   Mexico
    Lots 1548-1576   Monaco through Russia
    Lots 1577-1599   San Marino Through Yugoslavia
        Foreign General Collections
    Lots 1600-1622   Foreign General Collections
        Worldwide Collections
    Lots 1623-1670   General Collections
    Lots 1671-1679   Topical Collections
        Worldwide Postal History
    Lots 1680-1704   Cover Collections
        Philatelic Literature
    Lots 1705-1707   Philatelic Literature

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