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Sale 116

Pipex Stamp Show, Portland, Oregon

May 13, 2018


Red Lion Hotel - Jantzen Beach
909 N. Hayden Island Dr., Portland, OR 97217
(503) 283-4466
Cell Phone: (707) 981-3454 (during preview hours only)

Sunday, May 13th, 2017 - 10:00 a.m. - U.S. and Worldwide, Lots 1-770
Hayden Room

Preview - Ballroom
Friday, May 11, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 12, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 13, 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

The auction consists of 770 lots from 45 owners.

Foreign and British Commonwealth single lots start the sale including Canada and Great Britain. The U.S. section will consist of 330+ lots.

The collection sections feature over 175 U.S. lots with general collections, Postage, "Back of the Book", Postal History, Postcards, and Ephemera. British Commonwealth and Foreign country collections are highlighted by Great Britain, Canada, China, and Germany, followed by 100 lots of Foreign and Worldwide general collections with postal history. The sale will end with Literature, Supplies, and Coins.

Postal viewing is available, please contact us ASAP.

You may bid LIVE during the auction through the internet through "Redpoint Live Bidding". Go to our home page and click on the link to register.

You may also bid directly and receive the following services.

  • Bid online before the auction, and see the results of your bids immediately
  • Revise your bids before the sale, or bid again
  • See the results of your bidding after the auction
  • Postal Viewing is available. Please contact us a soon as possible.

    PDF of the sale is available

    Entire Session  2.7 megabytes

    WE ARE OFFICIAL AUCTIONEERS FOR THE SUMMER APS AUGUST SHOW IN COLUMBUS, OHIO. Please contact us if you would like to include some or all of your philatelic material in the largest philatelic show held annually in the U.S.

        Session 1: U.S. and Worldwide
        Sunday, May 13, 2018, 10:00 AM, Red Lion Hotel, Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR
        Foreign Individual Lots
    Lots 1-21   China to St. Pierre & Miquelon
        Commonwealth Individual Lots
    Lots 22-41   Great Britain to Rhodesia
        United States Autographs
    Lots 42-44   Governors and Presidents
        United States Singles
    Lots 45-53   State Postal History to 1851-57 Imperforate Issue
    Lots 54-71   1857-61 Perforate 15½ Issue
    Lots 72-80   1861-1862 Issue to 1861-66 Issue
    Lots 81-94   1867 Grilled Issue to 1875 Re-Issue
    Lots 95-105   1869 Pictorial Issue to 1875 Re-Issue
    Lots 106-118   1870-1871 National Bank Note With Grill to 1870-71 National Without Grill
    Lots 119-129   1873 Continental Bank Note Issue to 1888 American Bank Note Issue
    Lots 130-151   1893 Columbian Issue
    Lots 152-156   1894 Bureau Issue
    Lots 157-164   1895 Watermarked Issue to 1897-1903 Regular Issue
    Lots 165-210   1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue to 1915 Perforate 10 Coil Issue
    Lots 211-220   1914-1915 Perforate 10 Issue to 1915 Perforate 10 Issue
    Lots 221-228   1916-1917 Perforate 10 Issue to 1916-1922 Perforate 10 Coil Issue
    Lots 229-241   1917-1919 Perforate 11 Issue to 1921 Coil Waste Issue
    Lots 242-281   1922-1925 Regular Issue to 1996 32¢ Christmas
    Lots 282-288   1918 Issue to 1930 Winged Globe
    Lots 289-310   1930 Graf Zeppelin Issue to 1989 U.P.U. Congress
    Lots 311-317   Trans-Oceanic Flights to Registry
    Lots 318-327   Postage Dues
    Lots 328-332   Offices in China
    Lots 333-339   Officials
    Lots 340-350   Newspaper Issues to Postal Cards
    Lots 351-361   Revenues to Confederacy
    Lots 362-376   U.S. Possessions
        U.S. Collections & Various
    Lots 377-424   Collections
    Lots 425-433   Postage & Modern Collections
    Lots 434-456   Back-of-the-Book, Possessions, and United Nations Collections
        U.S. Postal History Collections
    Lots 457-503   Postal History
    Lots 504-527   First Day and Cachet Makers
    Lots 528-540   United States and Worldwide
    Lots 541-550   United States and Worldwide
        Commonwealth Country Collections
    Lots 551-562   Great Britain and Australia
    Lots 563-578   Canada to Turkish Cyprus
        Commonwealth Collections
    Lots 579-588   General Collections
        Foreign Country Collections
    Lots 589-607   Belgium to People's Republic of China
    Lots 608-657   Denmark to Thailand
        Foreign General Collections
    Lots 658-662   Foreign Collections
        Worldwide Collections
    Lots 663-724   Worldwide Collections
    Lots 725-727   Topical Collections
    Lots 728-753   Worldwide Covers
    Lots 754-758   Literature and Supplies
        Coin Collections
    Lots 759-764   United States
    Lots 765-770   Worldwide

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