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Sale 100

Worldwide Philatelic Auction, Anaheim, CA

January 17-19, 2014


Red Lion Hotel
1850 South Harbor Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 750-2801
Serafina Room D
Cell Phone: (415) 827-1924

Friday, January 17 - 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, January 18 - 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Sunday, January 19 - 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

The Worldwide auction of 1635 lots will be held in 3 sessions.

The 1st session on Friday at 6:30 p.m. will contain 365 single lots of Aerospace, and Foreign & British Commonwealth singles. It will be highlighted by 1959 Rocket Regulas II cover (one of 12 flown), China with classics, American Bank Note Die Proofs, and P.R.C., Germany including South West Africa postal history, and Japan. Commonwealth will include Indian Feudatory States.

The 2nd session on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. containing 450 Autographs and U.S. singles will be highlighted by #318 mint pair with paste-up (PSE 1989) cert.; #386 coil line pair n.h. (PSE 2009) cert.; Confederates with Provisionals'. This will be followed by a Possessions section with better Hawaii, and Ryukyus.

The 3rd session on Sunday at 10.00 a.m. will consist of 800+ U.S. and Worldwide Collections. The U.S. "Collections & Various" of almost 200 lots begins with 8 lots estimate at $10,000 or more; "Postage and Modern Collections", grouping of "Back-of-the-Book" with a separate Revenue section; Possessions, 80 Postal History lots, Postcards and Ephemera. It will continue with 120 Commonwealth country and general collections with Great Britain; Canada & Provinces; and India & States. 380 Foreign and Worldwide collection lots feature China with a collection estimated at $30,000-$40,000; France with Colonies; Germany; and Japan. This is followed by Foreign general collections (one estimated at $20,000-$25,000, another at $18,000-$22,000). As always, the sale continues with Worldwide and Topical collections, and a Postal History section. The sale ends with Literature.

You may bid LIVE through the internet at BidStart. The link is http://www.bidstart.com

You may also bid directly and receive the following services.
1. Bid online before the auction, and see the results of your bids immediately 2. Revise your bids before the sale, or bid again 3. See the results of your bidding after the auction

Postal Viewing is available.

WE ARE OFFICIAL AUCTIONEERS FOR THE SUMMER APS SHOW IN HARTFORD, CT. Please contact us if you would like to include some or all of your philatelic material at the largest show held annually in the U.S. We are also accepting COINS as we have already received a significant consignment for the sale.

Special Red Lion Hotel rate of $79 per room is available until January 4th. To make your reservations call 800-733-5466 and mention Harmer-Schau Auctions.

Lots 1-9   Rocket Flights and Space
    Foreign Individual Lots
Lots 10-17   Argentina to Bahrain
Lots 18-76   China
Lots 77-98   People's Republic of China to France
Lots 99-121   Germany
Lots 122-147   German Colonies
Lots 148-167   Germany-Allenstein to Federal Republic
Lots 168-181   Greece to Italy
Lots 182-218   Japan
Lots 219-242   Korea to St. Pierre & Miquelon
Lots 243-260   Saudi Arabia to Wallis & Futuna
    Commenwealth Individual Lots
Lots 261-280   Great Britain to Australia
Lots 281-300   Bermuda to Hong Kong
Lots 301-324   India & States
Lots 325-346   Ireland to Rhodesia
Lots 347-364   St. Helena to Turks Islands
Lots 365-374   Presidents & Various
    United States Singles
Lots 375-386   Territorial and Waterbury, CT Covers
Lots 387-411   Postmasters' Provisionals to 1875 Reproductions of 1847 Issue
Lots 412-447   1851-57 Imperforate to 1875 Reprints of 1857-60 Issues
Lots 448-470   1861-1866 National Bank Notes to 1875 Re-issue of 1869 Issue
Lots 471-488   1870 Grills to 1890 Bureau Issue
Lots 489-516   1893 Columbian Issue
Lots 517-534   1894 Bureau to 1898 Bureau Issues
Lots 535-549   1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Lots 550-577   1902-03 Presidential to 1909 Lincoln Issues
Lots 578-608   1910 Imperforate to 1920 Bi-Color Issues
Lots 609-643   1922-25 Regular Issue to 2000 Submarine Issue
Lots 644-666   Airpost
Lots 667-688   Special Delivery, Registry, and Postage Due
Lots 689-709   Offices in China to Postal Cards
Lots 710-736   Revenues to Private Die Medicine
Lots 737-752   Federal Hunting Permit to Postage Currency
Lots 753-776   Confederacy
    U.S. Possessions
Lots 777-802   Canal Zone to Hawaii
Lots 803-816   Philippines and Ryukyus
    U.S. Collections
Lots 817-914   General Collections
Lots 915-934   Postage & Modern Collections
Lots 935-958   Back-of-the-Book Collections
Lots 959-986   Revenue Collections
Lots 987-1011   Possessions and United Nations
    U.S. Postal History
Lots 1012-1072   General Collections
Lots 1073-1092   First Day and Cachet Makers
Lots 1093-1111   U.S. and Foreign
Lots 1112-1119   U.S. and Foreign
    Commonwealth Collections
Lots 1120-1153   Great Britain to Burma
Lots 1154-1180   Canada & Provinces
Lots 1181-1214   Cape of Good Hope to Tristan da Cunha
Lots 1215-1244   General Collections
    Foreign Collections
Lots 1245-1259   Austria to Chile
Lots 1260-1278   China
Lots 1279-1302   Comoros to F.S.A.T.
Lots 1303-1333   Germany & Colonies
Lots 1334-1357   Greece to Italy
Lots 1358-1378   Japan
Lots 1379-1411   Laos to Saudi Arabia
Lots 1412-1444   Spain to Viet Nam
Lots 1445-1484   General Collections
    Worldwide Collections
Lots 1485-1579   General Collections
Lots 1580-1591   Topical Collections
Lots 1592-1629   Cover Groupings
Lots 1630-1635   Literature and Coins

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