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Pipex Stamp Show, Portland, Oregon

Topical Collections
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Lot 568
Worldwide Topicals, Mint 20th Century Intact Collection, n.h., On quadrille pages in 6 binders, in mounts incl. souvenir sheets, occasional FD, 2 binders of FDC's, binders of Israel, Syria, Ghana, and Austria.
Estimate $400-500.
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Lot 569
Worldwide Topicals, Christopher Columbus Collection, few hundred pages in a carton containing mint, n.h. singles, souvenir sheets and FD covers, a wide variety of useful material, worth a look, generally Fine to Very Fine.
2017 Scott approximately $3,000+ (Owner's).
Estimate $300-400.
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Lot 570
Worldwide Topicals, Ship Collection, Many hundreds mint sets (some n.h.), and used sets and singles, including mint PRC #1095-1098, some better Singapore and French Colonies, generally Fine to Very Fine.
Estimate $200-250.
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Lot 571
Worldwide Topicals, Fish and Sea Life Collection, Few hundred mint and used and FDC's, nice variety of countries, Fine.
Estimate $100-150.
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Lot 572
Worldwide Topicals, Disney and Comic Related, o.g. to n.h., adhesives and FDC's.
Estimate $100-150.
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