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Sale 115

Lot 768

U.S.; General Issues, 1917, 1¢ Green, Perf 10 at Top, #498g, n.h., top copy in pair, excellent centering for this, sharp color, immaculate and Very Fine Grade 80, the only mint copy graded at this point by PSE and none by the Philatelic Foundation; Copy centered to bottom realized hammer $26,000 in a 2009 auction, 1981 P.F., 2017 P.S.E. certs.
Scott $27,500 (grade of fine). Siegel records of #498g contain thirteen unused and five used examples of this rarity .
Estimate $15,000-20,000

The 1¢ 1917 Perf 10 at top or bottom is one of the rarest of all Perf 10 varieties.

Realized $18,400

Lot 189


Great Britain, Imprimaturs & Trial Colors, 1873, QV, 1/- Pale Green, Spray of Rose Watermark, S.G. Spec. #J114 var., o.g., pl. 14, imperforate imprimatur, lettered "TG", cut close to design at top example; very minor light soiling, otherwise, almost Very Fine appearance. Ex. Verus.
Scott #64 var. SG #150 var.
S.G. Spec. £25,000. Only 21 possible examples which many are in institutional collections .
Estimate $10,000-15,000.


Lot 576


U.S.; General Issues, 1875 Special Printing, 3¢ Blue Green, #169, ungummed, "reperfed at left", nice centering, unusually nice perfs without the usual scissors separations, Choice Very Fine. Ex Siegel 1993 Rarity sale. 1975 P.F. cert.
Scott $21,500. Siegel recently updated records for #169 contain 35 examples that have been certified as genuine by The Philatelic Foundation (incl. one on cover). Of these, only three have perforations all around and are confirmed as sound, one of the nicest copies known .
Estimate $8,000-10,000.

Realized $12,650

Lot 590


U.S.; General Issues, 1880 Special Printing, 90¢ Dull Carmine, #202, ungummed, "reperfed at right", Fine to Very Fine. Siegel census of #202 contains approximately 41 certified copies. The 90¢ 1880 Special Printing on soft paper is notorious for its condition. Thins or more serious faults affect about half of the known examples. 2017 P.S.E. cert.
Scott $29,000.
Estimate $6,000-8,000.

Realized $10,350

Lot 42

China (People's Republic), 1962, Mei Lan-Fang Souvenir Sheet, #628, n.h., excellent gum (much better than normally seen), usual crease at top left and slight wear at bottom left, otherwise fresh and in excellent condition for this, overall Very Fine. Per Scott, "almost always have some faults".
Scott $15,000.
Estimate $6,000-7,000.

Realized $6,613

Lot 203


Great Britain, Imprimaturs & Trial Colors, 1909, 1½d Purple, S.G. Spec. #M8 var., o.g., color trial printed on gummed, unwatermarked pink tinted paper (white back) in purple, almost Very Fine.
Scott #129 var. SG #221 var.
S.G. Spec. £9,000. Very rare, no more than two or three examples of each color recorded in private hands .
Estimate $6,000-7,000

Produced for the proposed monocolor issue that was subsequently abandoned on the death of the King.


Lot 980


U.S.; Revenues, 1871, Second Issue, $500 "Persian Rug", #R133, "Cut (herringbone cancel, top right corner repaired", decent centering, Fine appearance. Census #27-5. 2017 P.S.E. cert.
Scott $17,500. Not seen on the market in many years, 210 sold .
Estimate $3,000-4,000.

Realized $9,200

Lot 1875

Worldwide Covers, Extensive Foreign Commercial Stock, 7500+ priced, sleeves and sorted by country in 10 Pittsburgh boxes, and Japan in white box, mostly commercial, strength in Japan, Netherlands, Spain & Colonies (France, Italy, China, Germany separate lots), mostly classic to 1950's period, fine overall, retail $136,848. Ex. Friedman "Cover Corner" Stock.
Estimate $20,000-25,000.

Realized $17,250

Lot 318

Falkland Islands, 1933, Centenary, 5/- Black & Yellow Orange, SG #136a, l.h., fresh, Fine to Very Fine, 2014 B.P.A. cert.
Scott #74a $3,000.
SG £3,250.
Estimate $1,200-1,500.

Realized $1,553

Lot 937


U.S.; Officials, Interior Dept., 1879, 24¢ Vermilion, #O103, lightly cancelled, "tiny faults", fresh, Fine appearing. Previously unrecorded. 2017 P.S.E. cert.
Scott $6,250. Only other copy that has a recent cert is from Siegel Higgins auction in 2016 which has light corner creasing, few tiny margin tears .
Estimate $3,000-4,000.

Realized $8,625

Lot 229

Australia, 1932, 5/- Sydney Bridge, Block of 4, SG #143, n.h., minor tone spot on lower left stamp, otherwise Fine to Very Fine.
Scott #132 $6,400.
SG £1,700 as hinged.
Estimate $2,000-2,500.

Realized $2,300

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