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Sale 106

Lot 2220


U.S.; Revenues, Documentary 1871, Second Issue, $500 "Persian Rug", #R133, used, "with light circular cut handstamp cancels", especially desirable without any manuscript cancel, the key item for any Revenue collector, Very Fine. #28-3 in the Kingsley census. PSE (1998) cert.
Scott $17,500. Only 76 recorded .
Estimate $13,000-17,000.

Realized $16,100

Lot 848


Fiji, Postage Due, 1917, ½d+1d+3d+4d Black, Se-Tenant Strip of 8, SG #D1a, unused, extremely rare piece, stunning exhibit item, finest example in existence, Fine to Very Fine. Ex. Robertson.
Scott #J6a $19,000.
SG £18,000.
Estimate $12,000-14,000.

Realized $12,650

Lot 502

Italy; Naples, 1860, 2gr., 5gr and 50gr on Cover, Sassone #5e, 5f, 8-9, 14, singles and strip of 3 (5gr.) with margins around tied to folded letter by Annullato boxed cancel in black, Napoli 28 APR 1860 straightline cancel on reverse, Roma 30 APR 60 receiving cancel, an extremely rare item, Fine, Diena (1976), Sorani (2014) certs., signed Grioni and Fiecchi.
Scott #3-4, 7. Sassone €55,000+.
Estimate $10,000-15,000.


Lot 544

Italy; Social Republic, 1944, G.N.R. 20L to 50L Values on Cover, Sassone #487-489, all tied to reg. cover by Verona 15.8.44 cancels, to Mecallo, arrival stamp on reverse, unpriced in Sassone on cover, exhibit piece, Fine to Very Fine, Raybaudi (1996, 2004), Sorani (2004) certs.
Sassone €8,625 (as used).
Estimate $10,000-15,000.


Lot 1068

Rhodesia, 1913 Admirals, 2d Black & Gray Black, Head Die III, Perf 14, Imperf Between, Horizontal Strip of 3, SG #256b, o.g., marginal, excellent color, Very Fine and rare.
Scott #122c var.
SG £16,000.
Estimate $8,000-10,000.

Realized $13,800

Lot 1018

Rhodesia, 1910 Double Heads, £1 Scarlet & Reddish Mauve, Color Error, SG #166b, full o.g. (no gum loss as normally seen), centered, gorgeous copy with excellent color, well centered for this, Very Fine and very important item for the advanced collector. This error was discovered in 1924 when Stanley Gibbons, Ltd. acquired all of the remainder of the Double Heads, and two sheets of fifty stamps of the £1 were found to be in Carmine and Reddish Mauve colors. The vast majority are centered to the bottom and/or right. The copy offered here is much better centered than normal. Also, the stamps from both sheets possess gum disturbance to some degree, with this example showing full original gum.
Scott #118 var.
SG £10,000.
Estimate $8,000-10,000.

Realized $10,350

Lot 1613

U.S.; General Issues, 1890, 4¢ Dark Brown, #222, n.h., a stunning example, Grade 98 Superb, PSAG (2015) cert.
Scott Stamp Values $8,750.
Estimate $5,000-5,500.


Lot 2266


Confederacy, Provisionals (5¢-10¢), New Orleans, LA., 1861, 5¢ Red and Brown, #62X6 var., New Orleans circular date cancel, "repaired horiz. tear and other small faults, with a hybrid red and brown color error", extremely scarce in any condition, Very Fine appearance, PSAG (2015) cert.
Scott $14,000+.
Estimate $5,000-7,000.


Lot 1883


U.S.; General Issues, 1923, 2¢ Carmine, Perf 10 at Top, #554d, used, an extremely scarce 20th Century item, not recorded in census, Fine to Very Fine, PF (1976) cert.
Scott $10,000.
Estimate $5,000-6,000.

Realized $4,313

Lot 1474


U.S.; General Issues, 1869, 24¢ Green & Violet, Center Inverted, #120b, blue cancel, "faulty, repaired and reperfed at the top", a presentable copy of this rarity, Fine appearance, PSE (2015) cert.
Scott $37,500. 94 copies recorded .
Estimate $5,000-6,000.

Realized $6,325

Penny Black

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