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Lot 942


U.S.; General Issues, 1923, 1¢ Green, Rotary Sheet Waste, #596, Kansas City, MO. precancel, "tiny crease at upper right, two tiny margin tears and added perf tip at lower left", probably the greatest rarity of 20th Century U.S. issues, Fine appearing. "majority of examples of #596 carry the Bureau precancel "Kansas City, Mo". PSAG (2014) cert.
Scott $100,000 (in grade of fine). New discovery, previously only 13 recorded .
Estimate $35,000-45,000

This rarity was created during an attempt by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to salvage waste from the end of the paper during rotary press printings. At the beginning or end of rotary press printings, there was some leading or trailing paper that was too short for either rolling into coil rolls, or for perforating for 400-subject sheets. In 1919, the Bureau devised a plan to salvage this waste by perforating and cutting the sheets into panes. These were put through the flat-plate perforating machine in use at the time, giving the stamps full perforations on all sides.

Realized $77,625

Lot 862

U.S.; General Issues, 1909, $1 Violet Brown, Plate Block of 6, #342, l.h., large top #4957, a very rare plate block in sound condition, Fine to Very Fine, PF (2013) cert.
Scott $22,500.
Estimate $10,000-12,000.

Realized $11,500

Lot 842

U.S.; General Issues, 1901, 1¢ Pan-American, Center Inverted, #294a, o.g., sound, one of the nicer examples known, Fine. Ex. Weill, V.E. Safra. PF (1965, 2014) certs.
Scott $12,500.
Estimate $6,750-7,000.

Realized $8,050

Lot 650

U.S.; General Issues, 1857, 10¢ Green, Type I, #31, full o.g. (h.r.), pos. 91R1, scarce mint item, Fine, PF (2008, 1971) certs.
Scott $35,000.
Estimate $6,000-7,000.

Realized $7,475

Lot 324

Great Britain, 1864, 1d Imperforate, Dr. Perkins Paper (Blued), Plate 121, Pair, S.G. Spec. #G1i, pos. SK-SL, o.g., usual crackly gum, margins around, Very Fine.
Scott #33. SG #43. S.G. Spec. £13,000.
Estimate $5,000-7,000.

Realized $5,750

Lot 323

Great Britain, 1864, 1d Imperforate, "Cardiff Penny" Plate 116, Pair, S.G. Spec. #G1g, pos. SH-SI, o.g. (h.r.), 3 margin copies (cutting in at top), small scissor cut between adhesives at bottom, scarce item, Fine.
Scott #33. SG #43. S.G. Spec. £20,000.
Estimate $4,000-5,000.

Realized $1,725

Lot 700

U.S.; General Issues, 1861-66 (1875 Re-Issue), 30¢ Brownish Orange, #110, full o.g., very scarce item in excellent condition, Grade 85 Very Fine to Extremely Fine, PF (2013, 2002, 1967) cert.
Scott Stamp Values $8,250, only 346 issued .
Estimate $4,000-4,500.

Realized $7,475

Lot 54

Germany; Bavaria, 1849, 1kr Black, Plate I, Block of 4, Michel #1 Ia, n.h., right marginal, large margins around, stunning showpiece, Very Fine, Signed Brettl BPP.
Scott #1 $4,800 (o.g.).
Michel €6,000 (o.g.).
Estimate $4,000-5,000.

Realized $3,738

Lot 141

Germany; Togo, French Occupation, 1914, 10c on 5pf "Anecho" Bisect on Cover, Michel #2H, in strip of 3 (paying 25c UPU rate), tied by 18/1 (1915) cancels, to Porto Novo, receiving cancel on reverse, extremely rare item, Fine to Very Fine, Eichele (2004) cert.
Scott #155 var.
Michel €10,000.
Estimate $3,250-3,750.


Lot 175


Italy; Naples, 1860 "Trinacria" ½t Deep Blue, Sassone #15, used, large margins around, sound, a rare item, Very Fine, Regnaud (1984) cert., Signed Calves.
Scott #8 $11,000. Sassone €19,000.
Estimate $3,000-3,500.

Realized $2,645

Penny Black

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